Menu & Beverage

Our menu is inspired by the tradition of Portuguese flavors.

We work with micro season products in order to enjoy the best flavor of each product and comply with our 0% waste policy. We only have one tasting menu, developed by the harmony between passion, creativity and research work.


‘LOCO Menu’

16 Courses

‘Experience Menu’

16 Courses w/ Wine Pairing


Beverage Menu

Wines, natural juices, teas, herbal liqueurs, rum, coffee and more

The Drinks List contains exclusively portuguese wines, not very well known by the public but with an amazing quality, with a clear bet on the less commercial wines of large and small producers. It also favors craft beers and herbal liqueurs, and non-alcoholic beverages such as fermented natural juices, all produced by the restaurant’s crew. [Beverage Menu]

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