Sérgio Caldeira – Our Dinning Room Assistant

It’s 18 years of experience gathered in LOCO’s dinning room. He debuted at Le Meridien and quickly improved his taste for customer contact. In 2007, he was at Yasmin , where he met chef Alexandre Silva, who invited him to join his team when he took over the leadership of Bocca. It has helped the restaurant in the conquest by the Golden Fork, a place in the Michelin Guide and 6 stars by Time Out. He went on with the chef to the opening of Mármoris Alentejo, and in 2014 he was at História da Casa da Comida. His interest about wines was maturing and after worked on Estado D’Alma, Hotel Skyna, Sushic and finally Campo de Ourique’s Wine Cellar, started the Sommelier’s Program at EHTL’s.

Today, he is one of the hearts that makes LOCO follow the path that has defined it.


Credits: Alexandre Silva


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