Pedro Pena Bastos breaks into LOCO

To the fifth guest of 4 Hands Dinners, we have welcome here in LOCO the first Portuguese cook. It was at 19th that Pedro Pena Bastos came from the Herdade do Esporão to Estrela and, with the host chef, created an exclusive dinner. Among friends, it was even better.

“Pedro is doing an incredible job and very gratifying, that deserves to be recognized”, confessed chef, who this time had at his side someone he knows well: “we are friends, and it is always good to bring friends to the kitchen” . However, from the wide range of possibilities Portuguese cooks (many of them also friends) could have chosen, Alexandre decided to invite Pena Bastos, the only Portuguese to occupy the restaurant bench in the 4 Hand Dinners. “This is a way of thanking him for the amazing work he has done for the Portuguese gastronomy, for rewarding his commitment and for giving him more stage and publicity.”

In 2014, Pedro Pena Bastos settled in the Alentejo, and the Esporão Restaurant became his home, but it is a natural of Porto, although with Ribatejo roots. He is only 26 years old, have studied in the Superior School of Hospitality and Tourism of Estoril and went through restaurants like Feitoria, Belcanto, The Idbury, Geranium, among others … In 2017, he was considered Chef Revelation of the year by the blog Mesa Marcada – the work that at the moment, inspired by Portuguese gastronomy, ancestral origins and sustainability, with proximity to the small Alentejo producers and the animals and vegetables created in the farm, has contributed a lot to all the attention it has received.

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