Our daily bread

At LOCO we have a course of bread. When customers arrive there are carasau (appetizer often called white pasta) hanging from the ceiling and there is even a bread (steamed) snack with chorizo.

The bread goes from an element so often only “decorative” in the table, to a special moment of the dinner. And there is flavors for everyone. As we give more stage to this component so habitual in the Portuguese meal, we make who visits us feel and value the bread in its most diverse dimensions.

We always have two loaves: rustic (white), every day, and the creation of the day. In this baking laboratory we have already made breads made from hemp, dried fruits, with different types of flour, bergamot, with citrus inclusion and even with the use of the beer wort that is also produced by us – always with the concern of monetizing the product available in the creations that are being made. Then we serve it with butters of various flavors, olive oil and a “molhanga” to lick the fingers in the end.

Of markedly different flavor and texture, our breads go through a long fermentation phase (24 hours, first in cold and then in hot), which develops the flavor. In addition we use the mother dough, a fermentation created during the opening of the restaurant, which we are feeding, and which gives the bread a unique texture. It is to eat to the last crumb.

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