LOCO wins Michelin Star

And when everyone thought that a restaurant at Estrela (means star in portuguese) could not shine any more, Alexandre Silva brings the first Michelin Star to LOCO, even before we celebrate our first anniversary.

Everyone says the same: “A meal at LOCO is not just going to dinner out”. Because here, in our “kitchen lab”, we challenge traditions and prejudices and risk an original and irreverent concept. Apparently, we are on the right track. And what does our chef have to say about it?

It’s been 8 months of teamwork, never letting go of our ideas and our principles. We will continue with our work, as we have done so far. Thank you all, I just missed being able to be close to my team so I could hug them one by one. Apart from being a big step for LOCO, it is a huge step for Portugal. We are stronger, and it was very gratifying to see some of my friends getting a star in the same night as me.

We have opened in December 2015 with a gastronomic proposal that goes well beyond a meal. We have an organic project, which values the national products and nature, and lives to the taste of the micro-seasons and we offer a total experience, which promotes the relationship between the customers, summoned for what is happening at the table and in the kitchen.

The chef has long dreamed of the LOCO, so he bet everything … and he won. Like the hanging tree at the door of the restaurant, LOCO is taking root in national gastronomy and this distinction comes to prove it.

There will be many news soon. For now, it’s time to celebrate!

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