Limequat from our friends.

Lugar do Olhar Feliz it’s a house in the south of Portugal – Cercal, Alentejo – where the plants grow 365 days a year. Ann and Jean-Paul Brigand have a collection of more than 350 varieties of citrus, as well as 120 varieties of pomegranates, 50 kinds of blackberries, 40 species of persimmons, rare figs and Asian vegetables.

Limequat is an original fruit from the crossing of two different types of fruits: lime and kumquat. Classified as a hybrid citrus tree belonging to the Citrofortunella family, the fruit combines the sweetness of the kumquat’s skin with the acidity of the lemon.

A limequat is a small, oval-shaped fruit, and the fruit has a color that is often described as a yellow-green. Like many other citrus fruits, this hybrid fruit contains seeds mixed with the pulp. The pulp itself is bitter and juicy, while the skin has a more pronounced sweet taste.

Limequat offers a large amount of vitamin C.

Because of its high acidity quality, it is ideal for keeping slices of fruit fresh.

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