From Stokholm to Portugal in a LOCO way.

October 17 was the day that marked the visit of Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr – from Gastrologik, to Portugal. Did you promise a different 4-Hand Dinner? Clearly! Because this time, we counted on 6 hands.

If on the one hand we have a kitchen that values the national products and the Nature and elevates them in order to improve the purest flavor of each ingredient, resorting to the research and experimentation of new procedures; on the other hand, too. It is at this point that the chefs of LOCO and Gastrologik meet: in the constant challenge of rules that allows to highlight each of the ingredients used at another conceptual level. “A potato has exactly the same value as a truffle. It’s not nature that decides what’s good or bad, it’s us. ” says Jacob, the man responsible for the salty area of the restaurant.

This was the seventh 4 Hands Dinner and the last of this year. “Dinners are always a challenge. The responsibility is great, but the level of demand is very high with any of the guests, “confesses chef Alexandre Silva. Surprise is one of the key ingredients of the 4 Hands Dinners.

The weather is cold, but the food promises to warm our minds. At Gastrologik there is no menu, the dishes are set according to the seasons and chefs Jacob and Anton work with the latest seasonal ingredients that go through the restaurant’s mininmalista door. Before starting this purpose for two, Jacob was at L’Astrance in Paris, where he took up the position of executive chef at Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm. Anton, who worked under the care of Pierre Gagnaire in his restaurant, also in Paris, gives himself over to the pastry and bakery side of the restaurant.



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