Dominique Crenn conquers Alexandre Silva’s LOCO

On August 15th, we had received another international guest: Dominique Crenn – coming directly from Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, California. Dominique was the two extra hands of Alexandre Silva, at the 4 Hands Dinner at LOCO.

“Dominique has a very high level of demand in her work, she always strives to do more and better, to go different ways. We have very different bases and concepts, but we have rigor and seriousness in common. “This was the great motivation that led the LOCO team to invite Dominique to another one to 4 Hands.

This initiative originated at LOCO, but has moved the whole country around the international gastronomy that many are unaware and have now the opportunity to get to know. “Customers always win, they don’t need to travel far to taste the chefs they admire cooks. But it has also been very good for us, it’s an incredible experience for the whole team, “said the chef. Characterized by the sheer charisma that accompanies it 24 hours a day, Dominque has the brilliant ability to create a relaxed atmosphere. All the (intense) hours shared between the LOCO team and the chef while in Portugal, led to Dominque returning to his country with a much larger group of friends.

Dominique is a chef of French origin, best known for the two stars she achieved three years after opening her first space – Atelier Crenn. Dominique’s story changed when, in 2013, the Michelin Guide awarded two stars to her restaurant in San Francisco, making her the first woman to achieve this feat on American soil. In 2016, elected by the jury of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, she won the “Best Female Chef of the World” award, another great achievement in her still young career. Also during that year, she have participated on an episode of a Netflix serie – Chefs Table and, more recently, entered the 83rd position of the second part of the list of the best restaurants in the world.

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