Diego Guerrero: from DSTAgE to LOCO

It is already on June 27th that Alexandre Silva receives another international guest: this time, the kitchen will belongs to Diego Guerrero, coming from the DSTAgE in Madrid.

“We feel a close proximity between the concept of LOCO and DSTAgE”, justifies the host chef for choosing this 4-Hands Dinner guest, an initiative that started back on October 2016 and which brings to Lisboa internationally recognized cooks to join Alexandre Silva on the other side of the counter. Diego’s “avant-garde vision around the kitchen” seemed to Alexandre Silva “the” reason to bring him to Portugal and make his work known, with a promise of passing through some DSTAgE classics, without ever forgetting the national product, so valued and essential in LOCO. The chef also explained that “one of the premises of the restaurant is to share our cuisine and show the Portuguese producers who still know little, whether domestic or foreign professionals,” a goal fully fulfilled on these nights in opens its restaurant to other cooks stops.

After having received Atsushi Tanaka, Daniel Burns and JP McMahon in his restaurant in recent months, the Portuguese cook who has won a Michelin star for his work at LOCO shares that “this initiative has been very positive, somehow all the chefs they left their mark here and also took something from us. ” The exchange between restaurants and cooks could not be better and has led the chef and some members of the LOCO team to show their cooking at Atsushi Tanaka’s Restaurant A.T. in Paris after it has been in Portugal.

As for Diego Guerrero, he opened the DSTAgE in July 2014, which, four months later, won the first Michelin Star. The second arrived at the end of 2016 and proves that the high gastronomy without corsets and too many barriers that Guerrero has proposed – and that defends that it brings him closer to the client – was a sure bet. Until 2014, he went through spaces like Martín Berasategui (3 *** Michelin), Giozeko Kabi and El Club Allard, where he won 2 ** Michelin stars. Since opening DSTAgE in its own name, similar to what happens in LOCO also has a space with a kitchen dedicated solely to the creation and production, the prizes do not stop arriving: in addition to the two Michelin Stars, received distinctions from the Repsol guides and Metropolis, Metropolis Restaurant Award of the Year 2017 and Revelation in 2015, Best Chef and Best Restaurant by Gourmet Magazine and Travelers Traveler’s Choice 2016 by TripAdvisor.

To get to know Guerrero’s work better, it is no longer necessary to travel to Madrid, just go through LOCO, on June 27, where, next to Alexandre Silva, the cook will prepare a dinner that promises to stay in memory of the lucky ones present.

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