Daniel Burns is coming to set LOCO on fire

On October of 2016, we held our first four-handed dinner with Atsushi Tanaka. By 2017, there will be several arrivals to LOCO from cooks of the whole world already. The first is Daniel Burns, from Luksus, on January 17, a dinner for 22 people.

The challenge is this: all dishes will be created by the two chefs together with national products. Alexandre Silva also wants to “challenge Daniel to adapt some of his signature dishes, using Portuguese ingredients”. Sharing the techniques, references and universes of the two cooks will give rise to dishes that are difficult to anticipate but will always be unlikely, unique and exclusive.

“I’ve been following Daniel’s route for some time, since the height of the Noma. He has a vision of gastronomy very similar to the one we have at LOCO, so I decided to invite him,” explains our host, who will see our kitchen again invaded.

At school, little Burns gave good marks to math and philosophy. He decided he wanted to be a cook when he realized that teaching mathematics at high school would never be his dream job. Yet he is still a mathematician in the kitchen. He went to Europe to study, to learn, to absorb. Later, he would arrive at the Noma in Copenhagen to establish his own method of pastry. Accompanied the growth of the restaurant and the upscale rise until it became one of the best in the world.

Again in the US, after other experiences, Daniel opened the Luksus in 2013, a Scandinavian restaurant in Brooklin that, like our LOCO, won the first Michelin Star with just a few months. What interests him the most is sharing – of techniques, knowledge, product – and it is in this same chain that comes to our kitchen.

Dinner starts at 8:00 p.m., costs € 180 per person and includes drinks and coffee. On the drinks, there will be wines, beer, juices, a fun and interactive menu that can give the customer different flavors than we are used to. Taking advantage of Daniel’s link to the craft beer universe, there will still be some made at LOCO, available during dinner.

This is the first of ten dinners in which Alexandre Silva invites chefs from all over the world to share their kitchen and the laboratory that is LOCO. Throughout the year, the identities of the chefs will be revealed and the dates they will be present in Portugal, so stay tuned.

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