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Daniel Burns is coming to set LOCO on fire

On October of 2016, we held our first four-handed dinner with Atsushi Tanaka. By 2017, there will be several arrivals to LOCO from cooks of the whole world already. The first is Daniel Burns, from Luksus, on January 17, a dinner for 22 people. The challenge is this: all dishes will be created by the […]

LOCO wins Michelin Star

And when everyone thought that a restaurant at Estrela (means star in portuguese) could not shine any more, Alexandre Silva brings the first Michelin Star to LOCO, even before we celebrate our first anniversary. Everyone says the same: “A meal at LOCO is not just going to dinner out”. Because here, in our “kitchen lab”, […]

The day the LOCO welcomed Gelinaz

Portugal have received, for the first time, the GELINAZ, a world gastronomy event, which obliges the chefs to change their home, country and life. At LOCO we have received chef Bo Songvisava from Bo.lan in Bangkok and we hosted it the best we knew. It was a unique opportunity to learn more, to know a […]

LOCO in The Grand Gelinaz

For three days, 40 chefs will change their lives and restaurants. It is the second edition of The Grand Gelinaz, which this time includes two national names: José Avillez, Belcanto and our Alexandre Silva, LOCO. It is one of the most challenging and important initiatives in world cuisine, curated by Andrea Petrini, Italian journalist and […]

Atsushi Tanaka is coming to LOCO

On October 3rd, Atsushi Tanaka, one of the most amazing chefs of the moment, will cook at LOCO, side by side with chef Alexandre Silva, in an exclusive event for 22 people. It is not a menu with dishes of both cooks: the challenge of this dinner is that all the dishes will be created […]

Sunday – the holy day creations

Sunday is not synonymous with rest, at least not at LOCO. Every Sunday, a team member is challenged to present a project, which can be an idea, a technique, an ingredient, an innovation … We are all invited to listen, to prove and to criticize. If there is a positive result, it can be immediately […]

News that never ends

It is no exaggeration to say that in LOCO creation does not stop. Our menus have constant changes and, what football game, regular entrances and exits without missing a goal. We are constantly working (literally), creating new ingredients and experimenting, which continue to amaze the fans of this Champions League which is LOCO. Still in […]

Our daily bread

At LOCO we have a course of bread. When customers arrive there are carasau (appetizer often called white pasta) hanging from the ceiling and there is even a bread (steamed) snack with chorizo. The bread goes from an element so often only “decorative” in the table, to a special moment of the dinner. And there […]


The beverage menu of LOCO gives the adequate attention to Portuguese wines, but also promotes other beverages, such as craft beers, natural fermented juices and herbal liqueurs, all produced by the team at the restaurant.

“LOCO” wine

The wine is on of the most iconic products of the country, and we, once again, decided to create our own label. The LOCO wine, develop in partnership with Herdade do Rocim, Vale da Mata, it’s a fresh wine, floral, with great intensity but very elegant. It’s a different and audacious wine that reflects the […]

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