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2019 Menu: “Pastel de Bacalhau”

Our version of “Pastel de Bacalhau” Ingredients – Cod fish tartare – Parsley puree – Egg yolk puree – Onion powder Inspiration Portuguese “Pastel de Bacalhau” Curiosities The first official recipe for “Pastel de Cacalhau” dates back to 1904, in a book called the Kitchen and Cup Treaty, by Carlos Bandeira de Melo, an officer […]

2019 News: Monkfish

Sea-flavored menu! Ingredients – Monkfish liver mousse – Nori roll – Chives Curiosities: Monkfish is a benthic fish that lives near the bottom, which can be found from the tide zone up to 600 meters deep. The anglerfish is characterized by a disproportionately large head, with a semicircular mouth with pointed teeth. As an adult, […]

2019 News: Cod Fish

Another new flavor added to our Menu! Ingredients – Confited cod fish – Fermented black garlic pure – Skin’s emultion – Citric herbs Inspiration Work with a new product – typically Portuguese – that has never been part of our Menu, except for our Cod Cake, present in the Menu from the beginning. Curiosity Among […]

2019 News: Suckling Pig

2019 begins with news in our Menu! Ingredients – Suckling pig belly – Agria french fried roll – Fermented mushrooms sauce – Black pepper Inspiration Leitão à Bairrada Origin The earliest document referring to this delicacy is a convent recipe of 1743, probably from Mosteiro do Lorvão or Mosteiro da Vacariça, compiled in a dining […]

Alexandre and Manuel at Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm Gastronomy Congress 2017 was held on October 30th and for us, it could not have started better. Alexandre Silva and Manuel Liebaut took to the stage at 11:30 am to offer all the guests a completely LOCO moment. The Congress was dedicated to Generating Trends, a theme at the height of what we […]

From Stokholm to Portugal in a LOCO way.

October 17 was the day that marked the visit of Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr – from Gastrologik, to Portugal. Did you promise a different 4-Hand Dinner? Clearly! Because this time, we counted on 6 hands. If on the one hand we have a kitchen that values the national products and the Nature and elevates […]

Dominique Crenn conquers Alexandre Silva’s LOCO

On August 15th, we had received another international guest: Dominique Crenn – coming directly from Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, California. Dominique was the two extra hands of Alexandre Silva, at the 4 Hands Dinner at LOCO. “Dominique has a very high level of demand in her work, she always strives to do more and […]

Pedro Pena Bastos breaks into LOCO

To the fifth guest of 4 Hands Dinners, we have welcome here in LOCO the first Portuguese cook. It was at 19th that Pedro Pena Bastos came from the Herdade do Esporão to Estrela and, with the host chef, created an exclusive dinner. Among friends, it was even better. “Pedro is doing an incredible job […]

Diego Guerrero: from DSTAgE to LOCO

It is already on June 27th that Alexandre Silva receives another international guest: this time, the kitchen will belongs to Diego Guerrero, coming from the DSTAgE in Madrid. “We feel a close proximity between the concept of LOCO and DSTAgE”, justifies the host chef for choosing this 4-Hands Dinner guest, an initiative that started back […]

JP came to cook at LOCO

It was on May 17th that Alexandre Silva held another 4-Hands Dinner, this time with JP McMahon, founder of Food on the Edge, one of the largest gastronomic symposiums in the world, in Ireland. Our chef has always seen JP McMahon as “a cook who stirs the waters, which meets our philosophy”. The director of […]

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