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The beverage menu of LOCO gives the adequate attention to Portuguese wines, but also promotes other beverages, such as craft beers, natural fermented juices and herbal liqueurs, all produced by the team at the restaurant.

“LOCO” wine

The wine is on of the most iconic products of the country, and we, once again, decided to create our own label. The LOCO wine, develop in partnership with Herdade do Rocim, Vale da Mata, it’s a fresh wine, floral, with great intensity but very elegant. It’s a different and audacious wine that reflects the […]

Handmade beer

And we decided to create our own craft beers. A home made alternative, part of the experimental concept of the restaurant, a chance to explore new flavours and at the same time, challenging our guests to another discovery.


Portugal has a long tradition of coffee. In LOCO we recovered this ritual – now labelled as “slow coffee” – with our own blend, created in partnership with the coffee house Bettina & Niccolò Corallo. After several attempts and experiments, we have created the final blend. With coffee grains from Ethiopia, Rwanda and Brazil, the […]

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