Atsushi Tanaka is coming to LOCO

On October 3rd, Atsushi Tanaka, one of the most amazing chefs of the moment, will cook at LOCO, side by side with chef Alexandre Silva, in an exclusive event for 22 people. It is not a menu with dishes of both cooks: the challenge of this dinner is that all the dishes will be created by the two together. At the epicenter of the action will be national products, of course.

About Atsushi Tanaka said Pierre Gagnaire, one of the most famous French chefs: “It’s the Picasso of the kitchen”. Its A.T restaurant in Paris has attracted attention for the dynamic, artistic and progressive cuisine that it practices, being among the 100 best European restaurants of 2016, according to the Top OAD, Opinionated About Dinning; Forbes magazine has included it in the ‘One Of The 12 Coolest Places to Eat in 2015’ list.

Atsushi is Japanese, but his cuisine can not be considered Japanese. Neither French, or Spanish, or Scandinavian – although it has spent a lot of time learning in Europe, and feel some technical influences of the gastronomy of the old continent, including the Nordic molecular and classic French cuisine. His curriculum is impressive: he worked with Quique Dacosta, Sergio Herman and Pierre Gagnaire, and went through Geranium, Frantzén and Oaxen Krog, among others. Of all these places and masters, he drank a little, and his work is precisely recognized by the wealth of diversity of ideas, techniques, and references.

For Alexandre Silva, the work of Atsushi “is an inspiration”. More: “What Tanaka does is much more than food, the pies are beautiful and elegant, just like the food, delicate, subtle but full of flavor.” So, after a trip to Paris, he decided to invite him to come and cook at LOCO. With an eight-course menu entirely created by both cooks, Alexandre Silva stresses, however, that “it will be a very A.T dinner”. The result promises to be amazing and, at the very least, a must see!

The event starts at 8:00 pm and the price is € 150, with drinks included – the dinner drinks menu includes exclusively organic wines, among other drinks. This is a unique opportunity to witness a moment of communion between Portuguese cuisine and the world, to be tried on Atsushi dishes, without having to leave Lisbon.

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