2019 News: Cod Fish

Another new flavor added to our Menu!


– Confited cod fish

– Fermented black garlic pure

– Skin’s emultion

– Citric herbs


Work with a new product – typically Portuguese – that has never been part of our Menu, except for our Cod Cake, present in the Menu from the beginning.


Among the various species of fish traded as cod fish there is two of them that stand out: Gadus morhua, which inhabits the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in the area of Canada and Norwegian Sea and Gadus macrocephalus that inhabits the Pacific Ocean, in the Alaska region.
The cod fish was initially introduced in the diet by the Portuguese, who during the great fisheries, already carried out the common process of salt of the fish from the century XIV, time of the great navigations.

This one and other imagens trhu:

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