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Alexandre Silva — Executive Chef

He is graduated in Kitchen/Pastry, and F&B Management at the Hotel Management and Tourism School of Lisbon and in Molecular Gastronomy at the Higher Institute of Agronomy. He has been in Bocca, from 2007 to 2012. At the same time, he founded the Project 4th Floor – Experimental Kitchen, a platform looking for answers regarding the Portuguese gastronomy, producers, products, techniques and creativity. In 2012, won the TV show Top Chef, from RTP1, and then decided to go to Alentejo, opening the Alentejo Marmóris Hotel & Spa. There had total creativity freedom and the possibility to contact directly with producers, discover new products and experiment. It was a unique experience, which consolidated his way of thinking about food. He returned to Lisbon to be the Executive Chef of Bica do Sapato, and soon after, he open his first business, Alexandre Silva no Mercado, at Mercado da Ribeira.

Carolina Pereira – Pastry Chef

When she realized her talent, she decided to sign up at Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa to better understand the art of pastry. After finishing the program, she went by Feitoria, by João Rodrigues and, at the age of 21, went to Spain for a professional internship in one of the most prestigious restaurants in Europe – El Celler de Can Roca (3 * Michelin). With her mind open to new adventures, Carolina made an interrail that allowed her to get to know the most diverse gastronomic cultures, but it was here in Portugal – at LOCO – that she found herself and was enchanted by the pastry.

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Sara Branco Gomes – Partner manager

Married to Alexandre Silva, she is managing partner of the restaurant and the energy center of Loco. With experience in promotion and major national brands marketing, Sara is the strongest link, the voice of criticism within the team.

Ricardo Leite – Sous Chef

He is graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, in London – where he worked with chef Nuno Mendes in O Viajante. In Portugal, he developed his food techniques in Feitoria (1* Michelin), 100 Maneiras and Bica do Sapato. Then, he began to work in Alexandre Silva’s corner at Mercado da Ribeira. Now he is Alexandre’s right-arm at Loco.

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Nicu Iastremschii – Chef de Partie

Nico was born in Moldavia. However, he made Lisbon his home when he decided to study Bakery, Pastry and Cooking here. Right after the course, he began to work in some of the trendiest restaurants of the city, from Cantinho do Avillez to The Decadente, but it was in Bica do Sapato he first knew Alexandre Silva. The chef invited him to work at Mercado da Ribeira. When Loco opened, Nicu was an unquestionable name to join the team of the restaurant.

Manuel Liebaut - Chef I+D

He is graduated from the ESHTL, at the Cooking and Pastry Course – Level 3. Even before finishing his degree, he worked in places such as NOVOTEL, Tavares Rico and Mirage Hotel, in Cascais. After that he met with chef Alexandre no Bocca. He traveled to Barcelona to accept a proposal as souschef at Rossini and by 2013 he had also gone through Bonsai and Nuno Mende’s Corner Room. NOMA followed, when the restaurant won the 1st place in the 50th Best Restaurant World, and returned to Barcelona to work with Albert Adriá at Ticket, Pakta and Espai Kru. He traveled between Burnt Ends in Singapore, Areias do Seixo in Alentejo, Dos Pallidos in Barcelona and Chiltern Firehouse in London. Together with chef Alexandre Silva, he is now the leader of the team in the Experimental Kitchen at LOCO: I+D – Investigação e Desenvolvimento (Research and Development).

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João Alves - Chef de Partie

Motivated by the willingness of his grandfather – who had one of the most respected restaurants in the Cascais area, Choupana – João began to gain a taste for cooking. It was at ESHTE that he learned the whole theoretical part of gastronomy. In the summer months, he took the opportunity to practice at Vila Joya, Albufeira and Farol Hotel Cascais. He worked in asian cuisine in Portugal, at Umai, and then went to Tokyo to live this experience. He was also at EMO, when they won the Garfo de Ouro, at River Lounge and later at Esporão, where he was able to follow Pedro Pena Bastos to the Rota das Estrelas, Blood n’Guts and Peixe em Lisboa for 2 consecutive years. It has now come to LOCO to share their passion for fish and all the technique he had acquired.

Gonçalo Freire - Chef de Partie

Seeing the father take the lead in the kitchen at home, since he was a child, was the first step to begin his journey in gastronomy field. He went by restaurants like Avenue at Avenida da Liberdade and Aizian in Bilbao. Upon returning to Portugal, he went on to an internship at LOCO and, as soon as he finished, he accepted the chef’s invitation to stay at Alexandre Silva no Mercado. All the work he developed guaranteed him a place in I+D and, later, the continuous presence in the main kitchen of LOCO.

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João Marujo - Dinning Room Assistant

No one could imagine that a primary school teacher would end up in a restaurant. João never stops. From working in a snack-bar he jumped to Mercado da Ribeira, where he became the manager of two bars and met Alexandre Silva. In Loco, he is responsible for the dining service – but the good soundtrack of the restaurant is also on his hands!

Emília Craveiro - Sommelier

She is graduated in Hospitality, Catering and Beverages Management and had her premiere in France, at the Vale do Loir. She returned to Portugal to be a Waitress and Sommelier Assistant at Quinta das Lágrimas, where she has expanded much of her knowledge about wines. She took an Intensive Course of Sommelier, then passed through the Conrad Algarve and Mesa de Lemos as a Responsible Waitress and Sommelier already. She also did a WSET Graduation – Level 2 and went to the LOCO determined to deliver a team that made her “feel at home”.

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Sérgio Caldeira - Dinning Room Assistant

There are 18 years of experience now gathered in the LOCO dinning room. He debuted at Le Meridien and quickly improved his taste for customer service. In 2007 he was at Yasmin, where he met chef Alexandre Silva, who invited him, when he took over the leadership of Bocca, to be part of his team. He helped the restaurant in achievement for the Garfo de Ouro, a place in the Michelin Guide and 6 stars by Time Out. He went with the chef to open the Mármoris Alentejo and in 2014 he was at Histórias da Casa da Comida. His interest about wine was maturing and after going through the Estado D’Alma , the Hotel Skyna, Sushic and finally the Garrafeira Campo de Ourique, he began the Sommelier Program, at EHTL. He has now accepted the invitation to join LOCO, where he meets again with the chef with whom he has shared the most is path.